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Bend Guard Station

Listing Type: National Forest Cabin
City: Plains Montana
Phone: 827-3589
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Description: Five people costs $45.00. It costs $8 more per person over 5 persons, up to a maximum of 16. The Bend Guard Station is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The old log ranger's cabin was built in 1911, and the newer bunkhouse/cookhouse building, which is available for rental, was built in 1927 and modernized in 1983.

The rental building has four bedrooms, with total bunk bed space for sixteen in the basement. The upstairs has two bathrooms with showers and two kitchens with a combined sitting and dining area. Basic dishes and cooking implements are available.

Has hot showers, electric heat and fully furnished kitchen.

Directions: Bend Ranger Station is located 32 miles north of Thompson Falls, Montana. It is approximately 2 miles off the Thompson River Road, Route 556, between State Highway 200 and Highway 2. Winter access is sometimes limited due to road conditions. - The Montana Cabin Directory
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